Att. Dr. Köksal Bayraktar

Attorney Dr. Köksal Bayraktar was born in 1941, Bandırma. He graduated from Galataaray High School and got his law degree from Istanbul University Law School in 1965. In the same university, he was an assistant in criminal law. He got his PHD in 1971, then he went on to receive the titles "assistant professor" in 1975 and "professor" in 1981.

In 1999, Dr. Bayraktar became a member of the academic staff in Galatasaray University Law School. Between the years 2005 and 2007, he was the dean of the same law school moving on to Yeditepe University Law School after his retirement in 2008. Dr. Bayraktar still teaches criminal law classes in undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Dr. Bayraktar, in his long academic life, emerged to be authors of several books and academic researches. "Incitemenent in criminal offenses", "Political Crime", "Legal Disputes Raising From Birth Control, and its Solutions", "Turkish Law Bibliography", "Caselaw Collection" are some of  Bayraktar's publications written by himself or through collaboration. Scientific articles, reviews and newspaper writings constitue his other works in the field.

Att. Zülal Bayraktar

Att. Dilek Helvacı

Att. Ömer Bayraktar

  • Istanbul Bilgi University Law School, 2004
  • Galatasaray University School of Social Sciences, L.L.M. in Economic Law, 2006
  • University of East Anglia School of Law, L.L.M. in International Commercial and Business Law, 2007
  • English

Att. Burak Candan

Att. Eren Kaptan

  • Istanbul Bilgi University Law School, 2003
  • Yeditepe University Law School, L.L.M in Public Law, 2008
  • French, English

Att. Selen Karaçalı Erdoğan

  • Istanbul Bilgi University Law School, 2010
  • Istanbul University, L.L.M. in Medical Investigation Institute, 2013
  • English, German

Att. Dilan Işık

  • Istanbul Bilgi University Law School, 2011
  • Istanbul Bilgi University School of Social Sciences, L.L.M. in Human Rights Law, 2013
  • English

Att. Uğur Güner

Att. Ebru Demiralp Bekir

  • Strazburg University Law School, 2011
  • Strazburg University Law School, International Law and Europe Law Masters Programs, 2012
  • Lyon Lumière University Law School, Human Rights Graduate Program, 2013
  • Galatasaray University Law School, 2014
  • English, French, Spanish


  • Intern Att. Doruk Güraylı
  • Intern Att. Derya Gizem Üst
  • Intern Att. İpek Kaymaklı
  • Intern Att. Didem Erkayıran