Bayraktar Law Firm has been in the field of Turkish Law Practice for over 30 years. Founded in 1979 by Dr. Köksal Bayraktar, in its first years of practice, the Firm specifically dealt with Criminal Law cases. In time, practice areas widened for Bayraktar Law Firm including Press Law, Banking Law, Customs Law and Capital Markets Law.

For 22 years Bayraktar Law Firm has been handling Press Law cases for leading media group in Turkey. The Firm is determined to solve any legal dispute arising from press, television and such channels of communication.

In addition, several Banking and Capital Market cases have become a part of Firm's practice.For the last 15 years, Bayraktar Law Firm has been serving legal service in the Criminal cases involving Banking offenses and Capital Market offenses.

Emerging Enviromental disputes, offenses against Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage, Land Use and Zoning offenses form other practice areas of the firm.

With its professors, experts and diligent lawyers, Today Bayraktar Law Firm continues to work delibaretly on legal matters and thrives on providing scientific studies and researches to the legal community as well.